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The biobank in the Helix building, room 1013, consists of 28 Freezer Units, 1 unit has a upper and lower part. The capacity of the lower part is 0.88m3 and 0.53m3 for the upper part. Together this is about 1.4m3 or 1036 boxes (GLW) per unit. The total capacity of the biobank is 39.2m3.

This units can be rent for a minimum of 3 months and will be invoiced afterwards. The equipment inside the units is the responsibility of the user. The division Human Nutrition and Health is the administrator of the biobank. You need special access on your WUR card to enter the biobank. This access can be given to you by the manager of the Biobank, Anne van de Wiel. The user registration will be done by the manager. The location manager of the Helix building is responsible for the technical service and the maintenance of the biobank.

Rates ex BTW

·          WU: €2300 per year

·          DLO: €2850 per year

·          External: €5500 per year

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Last edited by Anne van de Wiel on 2018-12-04